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  • Padi Refresher Course
    dos_tanques 2 tank dive
    certificado For Certified Divers
    calendario Daily
    reloj 12:00 – 4:40 pm
    pin_mapa Tue, Thurs & Sat at Cancun Reefs

    Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun at MUSA

    paloma Theory, pool practice and dive at a reef


  • PADI Refresher Express
    dos_tanques 1 tank dive at pool
    certificado For Certified Divers
    calendario Daily
    reloj Mon – Sat starting at 8:30 am

    Sunday starting at 9:00 am

    paloma Theory and pool practice
    informacion The diver can do a 2 tank dive tour after taking this activity.


  • PADI Scuba Diver Course

    “Just two days”

    certificado This Certification lets you dive up to 40 ft. with supervision of a professional
    calendario Daily
    reloj Call to make an appointment a time that suits you
    pin_mapa Pool dives, academic training and 2 ocean dives
    paloma PADI manual, log book, recreational dive planner
    traje_buzo We supply all diving equipment including 3mm wet suits
  • Passport A
    • Two days of two tank dives in Cancun (4 dives)
    • And your choice of a two tank dive in Cozumel


    • A two tank dive in the “Cenotes” caverns