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    What is the water temperature?

    In the ocean:
    April till November 80-82 ºF aprox.
    December till March 78-79 ºF aprox.

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    Do you pick up and drop of at the hotel?

    For the dives in cancun we need all the guests to come down to our dive shop.
    For the dive trips to cozumel or to the cenotes we pick up and drop of the guests at their hotel door (depending on what hotels)

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    Do you have wet suits for rent?

    Yes, they are 3MM shorties
    They rent for $8 USD in Cancun and $10 USD in Cozumel.

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    Is there a hiperbaric chamber in Cancun?

    Yes, there is a great one and Scuba Cancun is proud to say that we bought it and brought it to Cancun (at the moment Scuba Cancun is a partner in the chamber but does not own it)

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    Is Scuba Cancun insured?

    Yes, all of our guests are fully insured, we have had the same insurance company for 18 years and we are glad to say that we have never had to use it.

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    Are there any shipwrecks in Cancun?

    Yes, we have 3 shipwrecks, they are at 85-90 feet. They are old 1940 navy ships, full of marine life, we visit these ships when the weather allows it.

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    Are tips included?

    In Mexico a 10% to 15% tip is suggested if you are satisfied with the service.